September 18, 2017

How to Make the Most of Your Vacation by Staying In a Mountain Cabin

Sparkling waters of Lake Lure

If there is one thing interesting that we learned this year about vacation travel it's that, travelers are greatly influenced by the weather. It predetermines where they go, geographically. A factor we utilized in deciding where we should go for our mini-Summer vacation destination this year - away from where the swarm goes... the mountains!

So while the swarm heads to the coast, we headed up to meet the mountain fairies!

Now if you've never rented a cabin before, you're not alone. We've learned a lot and I've got some tips that may help you decide whether to rent a cabin, book a hotel or go for an AirBnb. With Fall upon us, it signals peak season in the mountains. Prices in the lodging industry have now or probably already raised their prices for the season.

Why rent a cabin? 
After doing extensive comparisons, renting a cabin was the sure winner for us. Here are some of the reasons:

Home away from Home - The cabin was in our full disposal. Since the cabin's main function is for rental and not the owner's vacation home - or home, there was relative freedom in feeling at home in the cabin. Compared to AirBnB, most of the homes I've looked at were the owner's second home, part of their home or their vacation home and had tons of restrictions and limitations and added fees which you'll see below.

No Cleaning Fee - I don't mind the cleaning fee in some of the AirBnb homes I've looked at but some of them are so expensive, they're almost the same fee for a night's stay. The cabin I found have no cleaning fee at all. So, we only paid the applicable tax that goes with any purchase. And though, we have to clean up after ourselves, that to itself is part of the "home away from home" experience for us. We were able to enjoy the cabin like we were home and no one checking on us every ungodly minute during the entire duration of our stay!

Peace and Quiet - Unlike staying at a hotel, staying at a cabin means, no morning knocks from cleaning crew. You can sleep in to your heart's delight. No activities from an AirBnb owners and their families or pets going about their daily and nightly routines and hearing them through the walls or footsteps above your head from hotel guests on the rooms above you. Finding a cabin secluded in the woods but close enough to the center of all the town's attraction is a bliss!

Freedom - For someone who love to prepare home-cooked meals, the satisfaction of being able to use the kitchen and the provided utensils, without limitations or without the "you can't use this" or "for owner's use only" warnings, truly makes for a pleasant cooking experience and makes you enjoy every meal you prepare, as long as you don't burn the water or the toasts in the morning!

Like hotel but better - Though not expected, simple provisions like basic toiletries and towels are a welcome treat. It's helpful when you forgot to bring yours.  Word of precaution, check with property manager prior to arrival what basic provisions you will get if any at all. That way, you know what you're getting upon arrival.

What to check before renting a cabin:
If you have particular needs or if you're staying about a week, it would be best to check if the cabin provides these simple amenities. Some have them, most don't.

  • Dishwasher
  • Washer and dryer
  • Extra towels
  • Basic toiletries
  • Dish soap
  • Laundry detergent
  • Mini-Fridge

What to bring:
If you're one of those that have a hard time settling down in "someone else's" bed, I suggest bringing these items to help make your stay a pleasant one and other items to help you save money in the process as well.

  • Your own pillow
  • Your own sheets
  • Extra towels
  • Water filter + refillable water bottles
  • Breakfast items (cereal, milk, coffee, bread, eggs, etc)
  • Toiletries
  • Power cables/chargers
  • Games for the whole family

I hope these tips helps you jumpstart a good stay at a cabin up in the mountains somewhere on your next family travel vacation. If you have other ideas to add to these lists, let us know. We love to hear them! If you have questions, just give us a holler. We're here for ya!

  • If you're planning a stay at a cabin in Lake Lure, NC check Acorn Cabins Lake Lure. The owners were a delight to work with and made our first stay in a cabin a very pleasant experience. 


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