August 17, 2017

Enjoy The Last Days of Summer at Carowinds Carolina Harbor

The countdown begins until Summer bids us yet again, "adieu!" for the season. But, while the heat lingers and the kids are still home for Summer vacation, taking advantage of Carowinds Carolina Harbor while it's still open is your best approach to saying farewell to Summer, which is likewise, a fun way to start your kids off as they go back to school.

Carolina Harbor is one of our go-to destinations whenever we opt to embrace staycation. And my family and I being "water people", as opposed to our "rider" counterparts, makes Carolina Harbor our favorite part of the entire park!

"If you are contemplating or even considering staying in one of the Cabanas during your visit, I'd say, make sure to book well in advanced prior to your scheduled arrival. "

We conjured the "staycation card" at the onset of Summer vacation and went there to bask in the relaxing atmosphere of the water park and get our sun-dried, water-starved fins,wet! Literally and figuratively. Charlotte is known for its high Summer heats, which brings about afternoon thunderstorms. A common occurrence which is to be expected especially on the hottest days of Summer. But, rain or shine, it wasn't enough to dampen, no pun intended, our family time at the water park. If anything, it made for a very interesting experience as we frolic in the waves of Surf Club Harbor under the drizzles of an afternoon rain.

Now here's a golden tip to adhere to. If you are contemplating or even considering staying in one of the Cabanas during your visit, I'd say, make sure to book well in advanced prior to your scheduled arrival. As you can see on my photo above, they were all sold out during our visit. It would have been a great escape haven for us as we waited out the rain to ease up, but we weren't lucky in that department at that time.

Nonetheless, it was an adventure for me. And thank heavens for umbrellas! That should be the second golden tip: Arm yourself with an umbrella whenever possible. You'll never know when you'll need them!

Family had so much fun, they can't complain too much either.

So, don't miss out on this small, shrinking window to enjoy the remaining doggone days of Summer - or you'll get the case of FOMO and believe me, you wouldn't want that!

Need more helpful info on Carolina Harbor? Read this:

Check Carowinds Calendars and hours to maximize your visit.

Disclaimer: I'm a long-time Carowinds season passholder and currently an official Caro-blogger for Carowinds. This post is part of the program but all opinions are mine, unless otherwise stated.


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