April 9, 2016

The Enchanting Allure of Lake Lure

"A quaint small town outfitted by nature with attractions fit for big fun", is the best description I discovered about Lake Lure. Visiting this popular tourist destination in the onset of Spring season takes on a rather quiet, idyllic facade that is in huge contrast to how this place is during the Summer. This lakefront beauty is surrounded by water flowing from Rocky Broad River - a feature that makes this little watering hole up in the high country, a well sought-after destination for those seeking reprieved from the heat of Summer. Thanks to their 3-acres Beach and Water Park located in the heart of town.

Beach and Water Park seen at a distance from Morse Park

Lake Lure is like a bear on the brink of waking up from its hibernation when we came to see it. The only people you see during this time were local residents and trickles of tourists on Spring vacation like us, who found their way into this not-so-hidden gem by way of Chimney Rock Park - another popular destination in this area which is about a hop away from Lake Lure.

Coming to this area is like a 2-package deal in one. These two small towns sits right next to each other and are both popular in their own unique ways. Though they both share an extraordinary claim to fame. Like Chimney Rock Park, they were both used for film locations.

Lake Town Fun
As any town abundant with water, Lake Lure offers recreational opportunities to get the most out of your visit and enjoy its breathtaking water.

Washburn Marina
When the water beckons and you have a boat to heed the call. This is a great starting point. Don't have a boat? The facility offer boat, canoe and kayak rentals and lake tours for those who'd rather sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery without putting to much effort in achieving it.

Morse Park and Morse Park Wetlands

Morse Park and Morse Park Wetlands
Morse park wetlands feature wooded wetland areas and large ponds for wildlife viewing and birding. Word of caution. Stay away from the wild geese! These territorial wild birds can easily gang up on you, so don't even dare approach them. They come in packs! Beware.

Walking trail around Morse Park Wetlands

Morse park have a well-manicured garden featuring different flowering plants and trees. Visiting during Spring certainly proved glorious - except for those with pollen allergy like me. My oohs and aahs were always followed by "choos!"

Boardwalk by the Lake at Morse Park

Other Stuffs you can do at Lake Lure: 
Take a Walk at the Town Center Walkway & Chimney Rock Village Riverwalk
Try your hand at Fishing at the lake
Bike, Run or Climb at Buffalo Creek Park

Chillin' at the rocks by Rocky Broad River

And when you get hungry, you can dine at the restaurant with a view at La Strada  Or you can hop on over to Chimney Rock for more dining choices.

Patio dining area at La Strada

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