April 26, 2011

4 Top Blogger Taboos

I love learning about different cultures, which is in part why I love traveling to different countries. I found that the blog world is no different. Blogging is in it's own, a culture. And just like any culture, they hold certain standards that are considered taboo. There is no written guidelines about them, but they exists. You just have to be a part of the "Society" long enough to learn about it's existence.

Don't get burned at the stake because of one!

  1. You can't ask for another bloggers PR contact- Just like treasure, this is a highly valued possession and well-guarded secret. These bloggers worked their asses off to acquire this information. To ask for it, is like asking a woman to hand you her prized pearl.
  2. You can't email or DM another blogger just to ask for a vote - this is plain rude especially if you've never really communicated. Just because you're following each other on twitter or friends on facebook, that doesn't mean you can ask for a vote anytime you feel like it. Get real.
  3.  You can't assume every mom you meet is a "momblogger" like you - Not everyone is happy with this term. it's best to ask what their blog is about. Unless you don't mind suffering the wrath of a lifestyle blogger whom you called momblogger.
  4. You can never blog about your unhappiness at work, ur boss, or your co-worker - Unless your aim is to get fired quick. Or the brand that ticked you off. Unless you're sure you don't want to work with them again.
There are more out there of course. But these four are the most significant in my book. What else do you think should make it to the top of the list?

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  1. I agree with everyone, but number 1. I try to always share my contacts b/c I remember starting out and trying to get my foot in the door.

    The asking for a vote thing sooooo gets on my nerves especially when ou msg me 20 times on fb

  2. I agree with them all. I work full-time as a 911 dispatcher but you'll never see me post about my job or my co-workers. I've heard of too many horror stories of people getting fired because of criticizing or talking bad about their job.


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