April 7, 2011

Why Blogging is like a household chore

Who loves doing the dishes? Cleaning the dirty toilet? Or washing the dirty laundry? As far as I know, No. one. loves. household. chores. Do you?

have a burgeoning mound of clean clothes piling up high on my couch for days now waiting to be folded. Dust bunnies are converging in different corners of my house. Seemingly growing in numbers each day. I'm not happy about it but something had to be done! It reminded me of the blog posts I. needed. to. work. on.

It's a task - It needs to be done. Pronto!
It's a routine - We have to regularly update it.
It's an obligation - We have to keep our readers entertained and happy.

But hello people! Are we perfect? If we allow the house to be a mess. because. life. happens. Then this goes for our blogs as well. There are times when we just can't do it. No time to wash the dirty laundry, fold the clean clothes, get rid of the dust bunnies or clean the messy kitchen. Life gets crazy! And if we try to do the task, we couldn't even do a half-decent job. Then we lose motivation. We get frustrated.

Blogging is the same way.  We're not perfect. Period. Forgive yourself. Stop feeling guilty.

Three quick tips for those who are overwhelmed enough to try it:
1- Walk away from your computer. Staring at it for days will not incite an exciting blog post.
2- Do real household chores. A messy house is stressful and contributes to mental block. Grab the broom and dust pan and get rid of those annoying dust bunnies!
3- Go out for a walk - A refreshing walk might just do the trick. Stop and smell the blooms, if not the roses, along the way. It will do you good.

In my recent experience, walking away from my laptop for days have helped a lot. It's not that I don't have the ideas to write. My brain was just too exhausted to think.

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  1. Thanks, Maricris! All good info. I soo agree with this: A messy house is stressful and contributes to mental block.

  2. I agree, there's no need to burn ourselves out with our blog. There's other things to do besides trying to always have new content on our blogs. It's important to keep them updated, but also important to do other things as well.


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