July 18, 2011

The Quest to Conquer the infamous Stinky Kili-kili {Armpit}

Did you know that having a stinky kili-kili can be a lethal weapon?
Once I was inside a comfortably crowded bus in Singapore. It was Summer. It was hot. Everyone was sweaty. And you know what that means. Stinky armpits! Ugh. Mine was too. Sweaty I mean. So there was this lovely lady garbed in her traditional clothing standing just a little below where the AC was blowing air quite strongly. On a sweltering hot day like that day, it was a blessing to have a working AC inside a bus, but on that particular day, it was more of a curse. At each burst of cold air, comes this despicably strong pungent aroma, almost as offensive as a skunks' stinky scent. And I was the lucky one. I was standing next to this lady! I was at the verge of passing out. At the end of that 10 mins. bus ride, I had a headache. I was nauseous and was puky by the time I reached my destination. What a Lethal scent! Talk about armpit power!

Then there was my other stinky armpit encounter in Kuwait, but let's save that for another day. Right now, you do get what I'm getting at right? What I'm saying is, all of us have stinky armpits. No way around it. This is why we use deodorant. Except of course in countries that is NOT culturally expose to this hygienic ritual. Believe me, I've encountered them. Some of them are my friends.

Unarguably, stinky kili-kili is not cool at all and my dilemma? Finding the right product that helps with the stink! When I say right products, I meant products containing natural or organic plant-based ingredients without the harmful chemicals or the controversial Aluminum which, I ADMIT, has brought me some fears too.

The Challenge:  
With Summer blaring in the Carolinas and my extensive exercises, I put three products to the test to see which one works!

1-  Avalon Organic Botanicals liquid Deodorant - Love the lavender scent in this product. It dries up quick enough without the sticky, icky characteristic that most liquid deodorant have.

Turn Off: After an hour of exercise, the product was quickly eliminated by my perspiration and the power of stink took over. Fail.

2- Tom's Of Maine Natural Stick Deodorant - I was sold on the "24 hour Odor protection" on the label and being it of Wild Lavender scent, not to say natural? It was a winner. It's not sticky and it coats your skin with thin layer of film even with three thick applications.

Turn Off: There is nothing 24 hour odor protection on this one! I used this to work and 4 hours in, the power of the deodorant have miserably fizzled. I wasn't even sweating. Big Fail.

3- Dove Ultimate Go Fresh Revive Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Solid - Love the Pomegranate and Lemon verbena scent on this product. It was not sickly perfumy. Leaves a thin film on the skin and does not stain clothing.

Turn Off: Aluminum ingredients. But beyond that, it is the only one that held up to it's job function. Win!

What does this tell me?
( Nooo. I don't stink big time!Unfortunately, as of this writing, there doesn't seem to be any brands carrying natural or organic products with an ingredient that can replace Aluminum or even come close to mimicking it's property. And THAT totally stinks! ( Pun totally intended )

What do you think of this article? Are you Pro or Anti Aluminum?

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**This is not a product endorsement. Just unadulterated opinion**


  1. I'm anti aluminum but like you can't find a replacement. I've tried the Tom's and I really like it but it sure doesn't last as long as I would like. My husband bought a deodorant bar from Lush that he really likes (I think it uses baking soda in the mix). But again, it just doesn't last as long as the others.

  2. I'm pro aluminum. We are exposed to so many bad thingseveryday, so I don't think this is going to make a difference one way or the other and I hate being stinky.

  3. Anti-aluminum for sure.

    Right now I'm using Tom's, both the roll on and the solid. I keep the roll on in my car for additional applications because you're right, it does NOT last. *shrug*

    I'd rather re-apply and err on the side of caution than risk some of the ickies I've heard about aluminum absorption.


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