June 20, 2011

Geek Week: Summer Reading - 5 Ways to Encourage Your Children to Read

In my side of the world, this is the last week of school. And though kids (me including) are thrilled about the idea of finally being out of school - no homework, yes! - a great reprieved if I must say - but sadly, this doesn't totally get them (us) off the hook from Summer reading! I admit I was a little stumped at how this can be done in a manner that requires the least of supervision since I work. And voila! I found ways that will do just the job!

Here are some of my geek suggestions: 

  • Unleash the power of digital readers and e-books - with most household owning iPads, smartphones and every other tech savvy gadgets besides the usual kindle, nook and whatnots, free e-reader applications are easily downloadable for instant use. There's also a wide range of e-book age appropriate books to choose from. Barnes and Nobles carry some of these popular titles ready for download via their nook kids selections.
  • Audiobooks with read-along books - This is by far my daughter's favorite. She was literally raised with audiobooks and I certainly give it credit for helping instill a love of reading to my daughter. Audible.com which is own by Amazon is one site that offers a wide range of downloadable audiobooks. Works with 500+ devices*.
  • Library - Even with the growing trends of e-books and e-book readers, there still is nothing that can replace the priceless experience of taking your kids to the library and be surrounded by actual books and flipping through their pages. We plan once a week visit to the library and let the kiddo pick couple of books she would be interested in reading. Giving your child the freedom to choose encourages interest to read more. 
  • Bookstore - A family favorite. It's my daughter's place of discovery. Being able to browse through aisle after aisle of books gives my daughter limitless options and she loves that. Schedule a weekend trip and use the chance to unwind and chill as a family.
  • Summer Reading Programs - Bookstores like Barnes and Noble offer these kind of  programs that comes with a reward. Right now, B&N has an ongoing rewards program where you will be entered to win a Nook color with every completed journal submitted. Now that's a great way not just to encourage kids to read but also encourages the parents to encourage their kids to read!
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