July 13, 2011

Mobile Shots: How to Tackle A Mountain Lion?

Sign at the entrance of an open desert trail within Canyon Ranch property
in Arizona. 

"If all else fails"? Me Fight back! Yeah right!
Very encouraging. Not!
As you could have guessed, I didn't go pass this gate. I walked away as fast as I could. I didn't plan being a Mountain Lion's dinner by any chance at all!
Instead, went and marveled at this dry bed of rock that used to be a river one season ago on another trail. Dry Spell in Arizona dried it out.
Keyword in this trail? ME SAFE.

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  1. I can say I'd be much of a fight against a Mt. Lion! eek.

  2. I agree with your logic! A friend of mine just encountered a wolf on a favorite trail here in CO, along with her young son. They backed up as slowly as they could. Happy to say they won, Mr. Wolf walked the other direction.

  3. Nope, don't do desert - although a moutain lion was run over on the highway in Greenwich, CT last month - not quite the outback - Happy WW!

  4. Yes I think I would just turn right back around seeing a sign like that! LOL


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