July 6, 2011

Mobile Shots: Different Facets of Mountains in the US

On top of GrandFather Mountain's highest peak
5,946 feet up in Linville, NC

Wind Turbine-filled Mountains in the
 Wind Farm in San Gorgonio Pass, California

Barren and dry Mountains of Tucson, Arizona
These stunning photos of the Western Frontier were taken during my travel adventures in June, last month. What I love about traveling is the chance to see the different landscapes and it's environmental adaptation according to the climate it has in that certain region, one, which I'll never grow tired about! What about you?
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  1. Ah! The windmills bring back such good memories. I grew up in CA and they were everywhere!

  2. Looks beautiful!! Love your mobile photos!

  3. Aww AZ my wonderful hot state, be glad your not here last week it was 120!!!

  4. I love the wind turbines....that was my wordless wednesday today as well! Amazing picture!

  5. Omg Katie! 120 deg??? And I thot 106 was bad when I was there just this past June! Wow!!!

  6. I love your travel logic & photos! I have mountains in my first Wordless Wednesday post today too :-) Thanks for linking!

  7. GORGEOUS! I love all the pictures. We are so close to NC but haven't been up to the mountains yet. Maybe we'll try for a long weekend soon :) Have you been to the red desserts of Utah? It was by fat the most wonderful US trip we've had - we stayed in St. George, UT.

  8. Hey I recognize those windmills, we used to live in Palm Springs way back when. Grandfathers Peak looks gorgeous. Did you guys hike up there?

  9. Did you drive up the mountain or hike it? Looks beautiful. I love seeing wind turbines being used!


  10. Absolutely beautiful shots! I just love the mountains and someday I hope to live nearer to them!

  11. That is so beautiful
    you inspired me to go hiking!

    I would be honored if you stopped by. My last post: Ways to Decorate Your Child’s Room

  12. Love the first and third shots. The girls love seeing the wind turbines around here when we go up to football games. We live in Pa but go up to Ny (hubby is a buffalo bills fan)


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