June 27, 2011

Danced like a Star with Louis Van Amstel of Dancing With the Stars!

Me and Louis Van Amstel at his Lablast Workout Class
at Canyon Ranch in Tucson

A lot of people had been waiting for this post, so here it is! I'll start with saying, I love to dance. I can dance { well, that's what I kept telling myself anyway } but I tell you now, I'm most certainly NOT a trained dancer so, don't expect me to wow Carrie Ann Inaba or minutely impress Bruno Tonioli, worst, it might just annoy the wits out of Len Goodman if he sees my own rendition of booty shakin'! Yet, dancer or no dancer, one thing's for sure! I had the privilege of experiencing, first-hand, a Dancing with the Stars treatment - without the dramas or mean judges - but a great dance workout with Louis Van Amstel in person!

photo courtesy of Dancing with the Stars @abc.go.com
Yes! The Louis Van Amstel of Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance himself! What a treat to not only meet him in person, but also to be in the dance workout class LABLAST which he created himself and more so, personally led by him! Lablast is a ballroom dancing cardio workout with recognizable step patterns from DWTS like the cha cha, salsa, jive and even hip hop which I all enjoyed tremendously!
Louis getting ready to lead the class
But Oh boy! He sure gave me a workout! Yet, sans the formal training and physical stamina, I believe I did a pretty darn good job dancing like the stars! So did the rest of the ladies in that room. And I should mention, it was a jam-packed session - full of 45 raging hormones!

After the class, I managed to interview Louis a bit about Vizionworx.
Vizionworx Dance Theater is his not-for-profit dance company which he is trying to grow and one I was interested in knowing more about.

ZM:  Are you still planning on pursuing Vizionworx?
LA:  Yes. Right now, I have someone very interested in funding the company and is currently in the works and when things are finalized, a lot of people will benefit from it and the whole world will hear about it!
ZM:  Will it have presence in various States in the country or in just one location?
LA:  It will be in the whole country!

I can't wait to see him bring this opportunity in Charlotte! On the aside, I have been exchanging tweets with Louis prior to meeting him in person and he has certainly left an impression of being very down-to-earth, very open and certainly without any hint of being a diva at all. Now, that, to me is a winner! And might you be wondering, yes! I did hear some juicy insider tidbits about the Dancing with the Stars show from him but sorry mon amis, I'm no Kendra Wilkinson, my lips are pretty quite sealed! Cheers!

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  1. WOOHOO! I agree. Dancing is good excercise!

  2. How awesome. We recently went to see Burn The Floor show. I could not believe how well and fast the dancers from YTYCD could move!


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