June 18, 2011

Dreaming of The day by Michele Chestnut

Zensible Mama is proud to have Michele Chestnut of Bonafide Life guest posting for us this week to share her life and insights on having just one car. One thing that's dear and near to my heart since it's also one I can totally relate to. Read her story and be inspired.

Michele's Story:

What is a one car family? How do they deal with it? Why do they only have one car? These are just some of the questions we are asked about being a one car family. Today I want to share the answers with you and how we feel about it. Sharing the ups and downs of being a one car family. We are dreaming of the day we have two cars!

One car families either choose to be a one car family for the frugal part or they just cannot afford it. We are the "cannot afford it ones" which makes me wonder why a couple would choose to only have one car.
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One car families deal with a lot of chaos, struggle and dreaming. We dream of having two cars. We often get frustrated because of the chaos. We struggle with planning or not being able to do some things because the spouse needs the vehicle or even because we have to be in two different places at one time. Honestly our kids deal with it too! It's not fun. I am unable to participate in some events or even to have a job outside of the home. I have to be home to get my kids on and off the bus. I have to be home to get my husband to work and back. I have to be available for the rest of my family at ALL times. I dream to win a vehicle on a sweepstakes. As well as, I dream to have better pay for both my husband and I so we can afford another vehicle. You notice all the I's right? Only one of us can do all these things!

Their are pro's and con's to being a one car family. A few of the pro's are only having one car payment and cheaper insurance. As well as less maintenance cost. However, I struggle with saying less maintenance because our one car gets used much more than if we would have two cars. Also, it makes you frugal. For example, making sure we go to town and do everything we need at one time, instead of running back and forth.

The cons are too many to name! Our miles and wear and tear add up so quickly. Meaning you have to cut down on running around. I have to cut down on my kids activities. This honestly is the most difficult and frustrating thing for us. We have four active kids, it hurts my heart sometimes to say no you can't. You also get so tired of asking someone to help get them home from activities. It's embarrassing to tell you the truth. I will continue dreaming of the day we have two cars!

So the next time someone tells you they have one car. If you don't mind, offer your help. Seriously because I'm hear to tell you those families hate to have to ask all the time.

Do you have any questions or words of encouragement for those who have only one car? Go!

You can also find Michele on Twitter: @CheleChestnut

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  1. Growing up we had... zero cars. I actually didn't get my driver's license until I was 26 and had to pick up my son from kindergarten! I hated always having to bum rides, or walk the 3.5 miles to work on Sundays, or just plain miss out on things every other kid took for granted (McDonald's was a twice a year thing, as it involved 45 minutes and 2 transfers via bus). But, that frugality, planning, integration of LOTS of walking into a daily routine, support of local business, and environmental responsibility became something wholly ingrained & I'm proud to pass it on to my kids. So think of it that way!!

  2. We bought a fixer-upper hoop-dy for awhile. Seriously it cost us $400 and a new set of tires and a new alternator. During the year and half we drove that van before it died we saved enough for more than half paid down on our current minivan. It made a huge difference in our financial situation to be on the UPSide of the monthly payment for sure.

  3. We lived with one car for the first few years of our marriage and then again later on for 6 months, then my husband had a motorcycle for work trips, which really made it feel like we had two cars. I wish public transportation was better in the US so we didn't depend on cars so much...

  4. No words other than for whatever reason you are going with one car I can't imagine how hard that would be and Chele if I lived closer I would gladly load your kiddos up in my car!

  5. Maricris, thank you for allowing me to share here in your space!
    You all are awesome! Thanks for the comments and let it be known... I don't complain until we have a problem with getting our children somewhere or wanting to be part of an event and I can't get there b/c the hubby needs the car. It's very frustrating but I do know the frugality of it. It would just be much easier to have two cars for us. Four kids and running all the time, it's wearing me down. Katja, very true that the transportation in the US is horrible it needs work! MommyB... you the bomb! :)


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