January 26, 2011

Dial Healthier You Grand Prize Winner!

After much wait and anticipation, the winner has finally been chosen! And if you're guessing it's ME {what gave it away?} - You are quite right! Yes! Zensible Mama aka Me - Maricris is the grand prize winner of the challenge! Out of 100 challengers, I was chosen for my excellent work in the Healthier You Program {their word} which to me is a huge recognition for all the effort I put in during the 4-Week Challenge. An achievement worthy of a red carpet treatment if you ask me. So like winning an award at the Golden Globes! Should I wear a fancy gown to accept my awards? Nah. That would just be too much where I'm going.
Canyon Ranch - The Spa Oasis in Tucson, Arizona
Photo courtesy of Canyon Ranch

As the grand prize winner, I will receive a 5-day/ 4-night Spa Sampler package trip to Canyon Ranch and roundtrip ticket to Tucson, Arizona! Think Zen. Think pampering. Looks like this mama is getting some vacation bliss! 
Photo courtesy of Canyon Ranch 
My 4-week Dial Diaries entries will also get featured in the Dial Nutriskin site to showcase my journey in the entire 4-weeks. Truly an honor. I can't wait for you to see it when its' up! And though I wish I can instead get the monetary value of this winnings {I did tell u I'm broke remember?}, but perhaps this is what I need to rejuvenate my spirit and my self even though my inner self is ironically contradicting this possibility.
Entrance to Bliss - Canyon Ranch 
Photo courtesy of Canyon Ranch

Let me just say that this challenge has indeed brought a lot of added awareness to achieving a "healthier me" and I hope that the nuggets of wisdom I learned from Amy Hendel will stay with me for as long as it can.
Thank you Dial Nutriskin. Thank you to all the people who showed support to me during the challenge. Best of all, thank you to my hubby and daughter who have been instrumental in helping me achieve my challenges during the entire 4 weeks. Thank you.... to my make-up artist, my manager, my cameraman... Oh wait a sec, I don't have them {yet} but hey you'll never know...
 Who wants to go get some Bliss with me?

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