January 27, 2011

Eat. Think. Smile. - New Product to Watch Out For!

If I say cocoa, what comes to your mind? Most often than not, I bet you're thinking chocolate. I can't blame you. It's the first thing that usually comes to my mind too. Now, what if I tell you that a new product is giving cocoa a whole new "image"? Think nutritious. Think pure snacking bliss! One that makes you Eat. Think. Smile!
Chewy Granola Bars, Granola Clusters, Crispy Thins and More
Photo courtesy of Eat.Think.Smile.

Eat.Think.Smile is by Apure Foods Company. A wholly owned subsidiary of the Hershey Company - maker of the famous Hershey's Kisses {which happen to by my favorite!}. It was launched just April of 2010 to develop and deliver food and beverage products with enhanced nutritional and wellness benefits. - by Eat.Think.Smile.
This Sunday, I will get the chance to know more of  Eat.Think. Smile. I was asked to co-host an in-home launch party IN my own home to introduce this new line of food products based primarily on cocoa. A product that is initially making it's appearance in the Carolinas market through Lowes FoodsAnd what's a party without fun party-goers? I have invited some fabulous local bloggy friends to come party with us of course!  

Amy Griel Preston, Senior Nutrition Scientist at the Hershey Company will be joining us as well to talk about the benefits of cocoa and what major role it played in the development of the new products. 

I had the privilege to try some of the products in advanced and it's got great potential. It's flavorful and has good ingredients to boot. My picky husband even took a liking to it and said that he will not just ate them, he will devour them! If you know my husband, that's saying a lot about this product!

Watch out for Eat.Think.Smile. It's definitely a new line of products worth looking forward to! 

Want to party with us? Join us virtually by following our live party updates on Twitter. We'll be using hashtag #EatThinkSmile. If you have any question for Amy, tweet it to us! Follow me: @MaricrisG, @CarolinaMama, your party hosts!  The party starts at 3pm. See you there!

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**Eat.Think.Smile is my official sponsor for the NC Mombloggers conference. The launch party is part of their marketing initiative and no compensation is received. Product samples were provided as part of the event **

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  1. So excited to come hang out and try Eat.Think.Smile and enjoy time with fab bloggers!!


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