September 23, 2010

Bug-A-Boo party with the new Hex Bug Nano

Just last week, I was blabbering about how the toys of today makes me feel rather antique yet that doesn't dissuade my ever-insatiably-hungry-for-anything-geeky geek self of mine in exploring anything that has "for geeks" written all over it even it be toys. And no. Still not the kind of toys you have in mind right now! Instead I was provided with the new robotic creature from Hex Bug Nano and a kit to host a party!

Let me know what you think about these bugsies!

**Product was provided for the Home Party**
The Nanos are robotic bugs that brought so much fun and excitement to my Sunday and everyone else's that attended. Watch the video to see how much fun we've had and hear what some of the half-pint toy experts have to say about the little boogers, I mean bugs!


  1. I think my 12-year-old would love these. (His mom might love them, too!) :)

  2. BUGS ROCK!!!!! Now if I can only keep them away from the hubby ;)

    Mariel - don't have an account so had to post annonymously ;)


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