September 19, 2010

Play-Doh Creations 3D Flash Art Review

If there is one thing that constantly evolves with a growing child, besides their fashion sense and clothes, I'll bet my button dollar, it's the toys! Though I'm sure you'll quote me on a different topic involving toys- but, nah, let's not go there, alright?

As a mom, who was a child once, the toys of today's children is far beyond what us, their parents, have when we were younger. It's clearly a far cry in every aspect and very technologically vast in make! Seriously, doesn't these toys just make you feel...{ inconsequentially, unwittingly and proverbially saying antiquely } old...old? { no, you didn't hear me say that O word? }  

To agree or not, it's not without a doubt that the PlayDoh Creations 3D Flashart Playset is one flashing example. Yes, flashing. Watch the review video and see what I mean. Enjoy!


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