September 18, 2010

I scream for Breyer's Ice Cream and a Recipe

Summer is almost gone. Leaves are starting to change, BUT, that doesn't stop me from eating one of my favorite dessert food - Ice Cream! Ignoring my better self not to indulge in this dairy haven because it makes me go kaboom but who can resist? Not when Breyer's Ice Cream seduced me with a bucketful of fun made for a wonderful Sundae day!
So kaboom it is, my family and I indulged ourselves and created a, what I call, a brilliant masterpiece of a sundae, sundae! It would have been nice if it was made on a Sunday but it's not. Today is a Tuesday!

My kit and my creation did not make it in time for the Breyer's 2010 Sundae Scoop-Off contest but that is not reason enough not to have my own scoop-off fun right at my own home! Watch the video to see what fun we've had and how I came up with my Sundae recipe!

Want the recipe?
3 cups Breyers® All Natural Chocolate Crackle Ice cream
4 tbsp Orange Marmalade
1/2 cup Hershey's Chocolate Syrup
1 Banana (peeled)
Almond and sprinkle toppings (or your choice)

Mix Orange Marmalade and Hershey's Chocolate syrup until marmalade is fully mixed-in with syrup. Set aside.

For each serving, scoop 3 1/2 cup Breyers® All Natural Chocolate Crackle Ice cream on top of Banana. Drizzle with Orange Marmalade chocolate sauce then top with almonds and sprinkles.


*Breyer's provided a Sundae kit and a free ice cream for this promotion.


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