January 29, 2011

Going to NC MomBloggers Conference { Afterall! }

Do you believe in luck? I sometimes don't. I just sometimes think that I must have been a good girl and is getting rewarded for it. Like the fact that I'm actually going to NC Mom Bloggers Conference next month. I've been there January of last year for the first Mom Bloggers Retreat where select local mom bloggers like me were invited to take part. I've never been to the beach in Winter but I'd say, being at Ocean Isle Inn last year was one heck of an experience I can never forget! And this year I thought I will miss the 1st major conference altogether but guess I was wrong.
Sunset from my Oceanfront view room last year at Ocean Isle Inn
Mom Bloggers Retreat 2010

I like it when I'm wrong to my benefit. Just like this one. Going to this conference will mean a mini-reunion for us bloggers who were there for the 1st Mom Bloggers Retreat last year , where I had the privilege of working yet again with fabulous local mombloggers that I became good friends with. A connection that got me this opportunity to come back this year!

Due to a project I'm doing with Eat. Think. Smile, I'm getting sponsored for this conference in return. Thank you to the lovely Carolina Mama for recommending me to this project.  I sure can't wait to partake in the fun that being at Ocean Isle Inn brings.

If you're going, make sure to grab the conference badge! Make me proud. I designed the badge as a token of my love for Ocean Isle Inn and the wonderful people in it. It was all I can contribute thinking I wasn't going but hey, my luck just changed! I'm going to see you there ~ after all... can't wait!

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  1. YAY!!!! I am going too! It will be so much fun! And I love the badge, totally sporting it in my neck of the woods


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