January 15, 2010

We've Arrived - Ocean Isle Inn!

I did tell you, I was going to the beach yesterday right? Well, after friggin' 5 hours on the road and missing our exit twice, I've finally set foot on the fabulous land of Ocean Isle Inn! I almost kissed the ground after I got off the car. Being on the road (though I was not driving) was exhausting! I tell you if I was in the car 1 more hour I would have pulled all my hairs off! So glad Carolyn was so cool and entertaining - she's a great travel buddy! And very generous for agreeing to pick me up from Charlotte! Isn't she wonderful?

Anyho, I took some cool pictures today. I'm lovin' it. Though I feel a little tinge of sadness. I should tell you that this is the first time I've been away from the family on my own. So, Let me pinch your heart a little bit. Seriously. Then you can go look at my pictures.

So, last night, my daughter wanted to cuddle with me longer than usual because : "it's the last day" she said.
"Last day for what?"
"Last day I'll see you."

Then the next day, she was bawling her eyes out. "I don't want Mama to go!" - thankfully, I got her to stop and she went to school frowning.

Tonight I was talking to her on the phone and she was sounding sad.  "I feel bad, Mama"
"Because I'm sad"
"Sad? Why are you sad?"
"because you're gone..."

Ouch! I miss them too...but right now, heck! I'm going to enjoy my little me time and hopefully one day, we all can come back here and enjoy Ocean Isle Inn together as family. They would LOVE it here! I. love. it.

Ok enough drama. Look at all these pictures I took today and let me know this is not worth my time! Fabulous or what?!

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** As part of this sponsored invite, this blogger received a free accommodation at Ocean Isle Inn in exchange of an unbiased review/opinion and social media promotional campaign for aforementioned company.


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