January 21, 2010

Winter Frolic at the Beach - not a bad idea!

Everyone know how COLD winter has been this year and no matter what side of the country you're in, YOU WISH you were somewhere warm, right? I can just hear you saying "yes, enough with the cold and snow already! " I hear ya 100% and if you're anything like me: I would be flying to the tropics in a heartbeat right now if I can!

Well, you know what? Somehow I kind of did. Spending a long weekend at Ocean Isle Inn for the Mom Bloggers 2010 last week was a reprieve from all the wintry fever in town. The best part of it was that since it was off peak season, we literally had the whole Island to our beckoning!

Who would have thought that a getaway to the beach during the winter would turn out to be a great idea! - as I have discovered - paired with Ocean Isle Inn's fabulous Customer Service, it just can't be beat!

Ocean Isle Inn is geographically located where it allows you to experience spectacular sunrise and sunset in the horizon at each given day. A great venue for romantic weddings along with Family-friendly attraction on site including :

Museum of Coastal Carolina. It's geared for fun for kids. I personally like the Tidal Touch Tank where you get to play with the fishes and starfishes.

Cinelli's Italian Restaurant. Authentic home-made Italian goodness. Service is good and my Grilled chick and Veggies was benissimo!

And if you opt to visit off-site, you'll never be dismayed. A hop away are Myrtle Beach and Wilmington, which is known for it's infamous Battleship North Carolina Memorial, the ship which Ghost Hunters featured in their show last year.

Ingram Planetarium. Located in Sunset Beach. The dome show pleases even the young at heart with its' high-tech lasers and state of the art time lapse presentations.

When you're tired of the bustling and hustling of city life or just to get away from the winter blues, visit Ocean Isle Inn to get away from it all. Uncrowded. Unhurried. Unforgettable. Just what a beach experience should be...

See the rest of the spectacular pictures in my collection:
Ocean Isle Inn - 1st day
Ocean Isle Inn - Highlights
Museum of Coastal Carolina
Cinelli's Italian Restaurant
Battleship North Carolina Memorial

Thank you Shout outs to:
Carolyn in Carolina . A great travel buddy. "Coach" Lee Shapiro and Tracy Spencer. The fabulous force behind Ocean Isle Inn. And to the rest of these wonderful women who I bonded and connected with. A friendship to lasts forever.

I have a very pleasant and memorable stay at the property and I'm definitely going back this Summer, this time with my family in tow! I can't wait ...

*See the review at Rivyoohoo - only wise reviews
* This blogger received sponsored accomodations as part of the Mom Blogger 2010 Event but it does not influence her views and thoughts. Nothing but unbiased opinion and recommendations *

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  1. I had such a great time too. I couldn't believe that even in the winter, it was so nice. I can't wait to go back in the summer!


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