January 31, 2011

Me in a Kashi Commercial? No Way!

Last month, Kashi Cereal launched a Video Smile Review as a fun way for them to see what consumers think of their cereals using smiles to measure their opinions. I will not reiterate countless times yet again that this brand is a huge favorite of ours. It's one of our staple foods in my house. Just look at my video diary for week 1 challenge for Dial Healthier You Program { which I won by the way }. As soon as I saw the call for review, I went and did it right away! And boy, was I so glad I did!
My Video Smile Review - uncut version

And why? Well, just today, I got an email from the director of the advertising agency that does TV commercials for Kashi telling me that Kashi liked my video so much { their word }, they wanted a segment of it included in their TV commercial! To say, I'm ecstatic right now is underrated. As of this posting, they are currently editing the video and putting the commercial together. I can't wait!

This just shows that sometimes a love for a certain brand does gets returned somehow. Don't you think?
So here's a little advice dood and doodettes: blog about the brands you love without asking anything in return for you might just get an unexpected reward at the end. I'll keep you posted, yo! Cheers sis and bro!


  1. Congratulations! That is awesome. I love Kashi too and I'm so glad to see that you writing about what you love paid off! I can't wait to see the commercial!

  2. love your video! i never had kashi cereal but have always been curious to try it. maybe i will pick up a box next time i go shopping.

  3. Hi. I did an Expotv review for kashi and got the same email! They said I was to be in the commercial too that starts airing 2/23 today. Any idea what channel or time it airs?


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