November 26, 2010

Dial Diaries: My Healthy Skin Challenge - Week 1 Diary Entry

I'm quite ecstatic to find out that I was one of only 100 people across the country selected to join the elite Dial Healthier You Member Program. A 4-Week program challenging members to make lasting positive changes to the way they look and feel with the guidance of Health and Nutrition expert Amy Hendel! And this post covers my first entry to my Dial Diaries!

The video chronicles what I intended to do 
and what I've done so far for Week 1.

Armed with the additional knowledge I've learned from Amy Hendel regarding skin healthy foods, I started to incorporate more of them in my diet especially those that's readily available in my pantry or kitchen, like eggs which is rich in Biotin to help process healthy fats. Below is an example of my lunch. And that omelet is no regular omelet!
To spice up a traditional sometimes boring Omelet, I added a dash of Curry, a dash of garlic powder, salt and cooked. Then topped it off with a dash of Tabasco sauce and partnered with Garlic and Herb butter Toast and Green Tea! Yum! Talking of Green Tea, besides my daily ration that I bring with me to work, I also made mixed nuts (walnut, cashew, pistachio, macadamia, almond and pumpkin seeds) a regular snack item to bring to work. As seen below, I use a small-sized container to control the portions. Just as Amy Hendel advised! Portion control.
I also found a creative way of adding 2 tablespoon extra olive oil in my rice when it's cooking. Adds nutrients to the rice and take this, it prevents the water from boiling over! Then I started eating more fortified cereals, even eating it as a snack at night when I get hungry! And my favorite breakfast meal: Champorado! Oatmeal {steel cut oats} with melted dark chocolate chips!
Now If you've watched my video diary above, you know that one of my goal is to zap my zits! I tell you that since starting the challenge on Monday and eating lots of pumpkin seeds, my zits has started to clear up! No medication was ever used to help. Awesome! And oh, I've started using Dial Nutriskin Body Wash too. I love the scent which makes taking a shower so much more fun! Bring on Week 2!

**Dial provided Dial Nutriskin Bodywash as part of being a member of the program**

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  1. Hi Maricris! I'm also a member of the Dial Healthier You program - so fun to see that you are! I'm compiling a list at my site and trying to find all 100.

    I went for the pumpkin seeds for the same reason! :)


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