December 10, 2010

Dial® Diaries: My Exercise Challenge - Week 2 Diary Entry

So I survived my Week 1 challenge which I'm so happy about. And what's more exciting? My diary entry made it into the Dial Healthier You  Dial® Diaries section! Call that an added motivation to move forward with enthusiasm for week 2 challenge: EXERCISE!

Enthusiasm is right. I hate exercise with a passion! But I also know that I need it. Kinda like I hate vegetables that's why I eat them! This is why I exercise as best as I can in spite of a very challenging schedule as how Amy Hendel described it. I'm a working mom and that pretty much tips my busy scale to high! So what do I do to exercise? I walk every chance I get. It doesn't matter if it's a mini-walk or a full-pledge walk. I gotta walk! Now the question is, am I walking right? 
I do my regular walks around the neighborhood, walking trails and the local schools' race track nearby. I track my progress using Runkeeper {an application I downloaded in my smartphone} which measures my distance, my speed and calories lost via GPS. On a good day, I walk as much as 5 miles but I always do it on a steady, monotonous pace. If I was to achieve dramatic loss weight that I wanted, I have to do it right, right?

Reading Amy Hendel's recommended routine gave me a renewed purpose.  Even when just walking out to a neighbors or walking a mile to pick up my daughter from school, I vary the intensity of my walk. Kind of like what my daughter does everytime. She skips, walk, run then slows down  to a walk. These days, when weather permits, you'll find both of us doing just that as we walk home! But since it has gotten colder, my walking endeavors has diminished quite a bit. But thanks to Amy Hendels' recommended exercise routine on colder months and Netflix streaming, I was able to replace walking with some dance/cardio aerobics in the comfort of my own home and away from the freezing weather outside! I still walk whenever I can. When it's warm enough, I still walk a mile to my daughter's school to pick her up. I have done this everyday during the warmer season, which in part has strength-trained her too! She also walks in the morning and that girl sure got lots of energy to spare!
Now losing all the weight I wanted gone in a week is nothing short of a miracle but I'm getting there! I just needed to keep up with my exercises and be diligent about it too. And if you must know, I have been very good with my eating and snacking habits as adapted from the challenge from week one! I'm proud of myself. And yes, I've also been continuously using my Dial® NutriSkin™ Body Wash everytime I shower! That reminds me, I may need a new one soon. On to week 3!

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  1. Sounds like you're really following the plan. So am I, but you must really have a lot of time on your hands to take photos and videos. I plan to get a lot out of the Healthier You program even though I am reporting by Twitter (@advicesisters) if you want to follow me and on my Advice Sisters blog with mostly text. I look forward to reading your next report.


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