December 12, 2010

Random Acts of Zhu Partnered with Zensible Mama Gives 2010 to benefit homeless Children

When I decided to hold a Toy drive for homeless children in Charlotte to celebrate my birthday differently this year - which is happening today, Random Acts of Zhu {RAZ} immediately stepped up to the challenge. Cepia LLC, makers of renowned toy Zhu Zhu pets have endowed me with 104 pieces of Zhu Zhu pets to give away to help bring happiness to underprivileged children in my community.

One of my recipients will be Birthday Blessings who have also been the chosen recipient during the Hebrew National Better-than-a-picnic Picnic which I hosted along with other local bloggers at Freedom Park just this Summer.
What a wonderful privilege to be spreading kindness, random or not, with a brand that cares and one who have become an instant hit last year! I can't wait for these homeless children to get their own Zhu Zhu pets and experience the endless fun it gives! I should know, my daughter adores her own Zhu Zhu pets collections!

My deep gratitude also goes to these brands 
and the generous people behind them who have supported my cause
by donating toys:

It brings me great joy to be able to do something special for others this year and in gratitude of being able to celebrate another year in my life! Certainly a Happy Birthday to me... 

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