August 28, 2010

Exploring the Zhuniverse World at Toys R Us

Our cute furry friends at Zhuniverse stopped in Charlotte to give us Charlottean a taste of their exciting world through interactive fun and games with life-sized replicas of their habit trail for some real-life exploration and adventure! And for anyone who love these adorable hamsters, you know F.U.N. is what they're made of!

Which is exactly what we experienced at the Zhuniverse event at Toys R Us as part of their nationwide tour. I invited along other fabulous NC Mombloggers in behalf of MomSelect to attend the event where our own little crews experienced a true Zhuniverse VIP treatment. And for all you Zhunatics out there, watch the video below to get a sneak peek of the fun these tour offers.

You can also check the Zhuniverse Tour Dates to see if they are heading your way. This Saturday, Aug 28th, the Zhu-niverse Tour is going to York, South Carolina for SUMMERFEST! With free admission, families can come out and enjoy great food, music, sports tournaments, and there is even a 5-K run. Zensible Mama and her crew will be there. Come and join in on the fun! You might just learn a new dance step!

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  1. Wish I had seen you there! We were there from 12 to almost 3 and had such a good time! Thanks so much for the invite!


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