August 29, 2010

Smallfrys™ from Build-A-Bear Workshop - Big Fun Come In Small Sizes!

My Pawsome friends at Build-A-Bear Workshop is coming up with another cuddly treat! They're introducing a new brand of furry fun that comes in small sizes but definitely BIG in FUN! Presenting the Limited Edition Build-A-Bear Smallfrys™!

I had the privilege of previewing this new line of product during the recent Build-A-Bear Conference, June of this year but never knew how fun it was to actually own one! I got Pedro { that's Peter in English and that's what I named him } today in the mail. As soon as I opened the box, I literally fell in love with him! And yes, I'm not ashamed to admit that at my age { no, I won't reveal }, I acted like a little girl when I saw it! Well, just look at him - Isn't he SO CUTE!!! 

What got me enamored was that, first, my Chinese sign is Monkey { hint: if you're good with Chinese Astrology, then you should be able to tell my age }  which makes me love anything Monkey { except the real ones, they scare me } and then second, I love fries! { my husband can totally vouch for that }. Pedro encompasses all that in one adorable package. Now you see why I Love him!?

Below is the complete collection. They will be available September 3 to October 31st or while supply lasts.
A limited Smallfrys Fashion will also be available to dress up this adorable furry friends. Now with cute stuffed animals like this they'll go fast so you better get them while they're hot! My daughter { who is also a Monkey } is already planning on getting a Mama Monkey for my Pedro. Sweeeettt! I can see a shopping trip to Build-A-Bear happening in my future. And very soon too. Oh boy!

Get yours today before she makes me buy all of them!

Love my Pedro!

*Build-A-Bear Workshop sent the stuff animal as part of their press release initiative.

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  1. These are absolutely adorable. Thank you so much for sharin :) Still sad that I never saw you at BlogHer.


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