September 1, 2010

Oh Liberty! Most Beautiful Girl in the World?

The Miss Universe pageant just ended not too long ago {congratulations to Miss Mexico} and is my inspiration for this post. Remember I recently went to NYC? Well, besides having an amazing time, I fulfilled one of my most coveted dreams and that is to see the ultimate Miss Universe in the entire world. Miss Liberty!  
 Perfect in any angle!

But wait, we have challengers
who want to take that title away from her!

Candidate no. 1 - Miss Congeniality

Candidate No.2 - Mrs. Philippines

 Candidate no. 3 - Miss Photogenic

The judges' decision?

Ok can't disagree with that!
{ Though I was rooting for Candidate No. 1 }
Au Contraire, the challengers were pretty! Weren't they?

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  1. LOL - Love your topic and picture :) Fantastic photos of The Statue of Liberty. Sad I did not get there when at BlogHer. The last time I saw her, she was covered with scaffolding for repairs.


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