September 2, 2010

Children's Theater Charlotte's "Get To Know our Education Program" and Coffee Hour Event

I had the pleasure of being invited to mingle and socialize with the wonderful team of the Education Department of Children's Theater Charlotte  along with other select bloggers and writers in Charlotte. This is the first Coffee Hour event CTCharlotte had hosted as part of their initiative to introduce their Education Programs and reach out to the parents in the local community through us.

The hour-long session was interactive and fun. We were given a small taste of what a classroom environment was like and how the training was conducted. The room reverberated with laughter and giggles instantaneously! And if it was that much fun for us adults, just imagine how fun it would be for the kids being in an actual classroom with these wonderful teachers!

During the presentation, I was specifically intrigued at how their programs can help kids with special needs and those with autism, being that, some notable highlights of their program's objective were to help develop self-expression, confidence, focus and concentration. According to Teaching Artist Kelly Cates, they had seen high success rates working with these kids simply by catering to each child's specific need and partnering with parents to learn what goals they wanted achieved for their children. The interactive game led by Education Enrichment Coordinator Jenny Goodfellow was certainly a strong indication that their programs are viable options!

Watch the video below to see some highlights of the event and get a glimpse of what fun we've had.

On a personal note, I finally got to meet a fabulous online friend Ive been meaning to meet for a long time! My friend Lisa { @daily_pinch }. Love this gal. She rocks! 


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