June 25, 2008

Mommy Weight - Effective way of losing it

How many times do we ask our hubbies, "do I look fat?" Or we growl and complain "I am fat! none of my clothes fit anymore!" and then we go whine and sulk (especially when hubby agrees with the 1st Question. But if he is smart, he'll just say "No"), Or worst, we wallow in despair when we lose our confidence because we feel we're so fat we don't even want our pictures taken. Oh those flabby skin...oh those double chin...aaaahhhh!!!!

Sadly, the "grand design" is to gain weight( and some more) pre and post-baby. One size up, entire wardrobe out! Who doesn't long for the day you can be size ___(fill in the blank) again ? Are you doing anything about it ? If you don't have the time for grand gym work-out, just walk ! Yes walk.

It's not an instant solution ( and there's not such a thing), but it works, coupled with good eating habits (sacrifice your french fries eating frenzy & soda guzzling for now or forever). In 60 minutes of walking, you'll burn 300 to 500 additional calories. Keep that up for 10 days and you'll lose a pound. Keep it up for a year and you'll be 35 pounds lighter — without a minute of dieting. Exercise, in any form, has always been the "Key" but, and lots and lots of buts and excuses later, we find ourselves with big butts! which turns into lazy butts! Diet Pills are no "cure" either. Read the labels and it tells you to exercise. The Big E! that no one wants to invest time on.

Here are some hard-core facts from real women who experienced it* : Weight gain and being fat causes divorce, break-ups and flat abandonment ! Sadly, women are always at the receiving end of these misfortunes.

Here are the 4 commonly shared deficiencies of why most of us are overweight:

1. Discipline - we need a whipping to make it happen because lots of us don't have this! We know the right thing to do but we enjoy doing the wrong things. -And eating a lot!

2. State of Mind - Our mindset is in disarray. Distracted and so unfocused. We always have excuses to justify why we can't exercise or do something to resolve the issue.

3. Motivation - Most of us easily gives up. No driving force to push us to keep going. We let our despair and frustrations get the better of us. Or we simply "accept" that being fat is OK but we suffer inside. Determination is a foreign word !

4. Support System - Our spouses' cheers do a lot to break us or make us. If the two of you are doing it (losing weight) together, it is always effective. If not, a good friend who share your goal would be as useful. If that still doesn't work, connect to other mommies like you & me!

Each day is a chance to do something right. Do it while you have that chance. And to all women and mommies , It is hard being us but it is also harder without us ! - Be well and stay fit...or just walk!

For more on the benefits of walking, visit here : Walking to lose weight

* source withheld to protect their identities


  1. yang ang mahirap, i don't have 1-4 hehehe. good luck na lang sa aking quest to be size ___ again. :D

  2. I'm struggling with #2-3 (tamad kz!) pero getting there. As of now: I've lost 8 lbs. Ayayay! lapit ko na makita finish line! (",)


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