May 14, 2012

DisneySMMoms 2012: Royalty, Strollers, Marketing And Pizza!

with @Maritramos inside Disney Social Media Moms Conference Hall
Did the mention of Pizza in my title made you just a tad hungry? Well, you should be! This pizza has been a big hit at this year's conference, everyone just couldn't get enough of it or him, for that matter, it was almost insane! In a good way, of course. Yes, it's needless to say that this years' conference is definitely an interesting mix! One that made the conference a little more, let's just say, unforgettable!

Meg Crofton, President  of Walt Disney World officially opening the conference

And in true Disney fashion, magic and enchantment abounds throughout the entire conference experience. Each session leaves you feeling wanting more! And hope it could be longer... yet the takeaways can be priceless and grand especially if it speaks directly to you...

@AmyJoMartin of @DigitalRoyalty and @LisaDruxman of Stroller Strides

The Royalty
It won't be Disney without the presence of Royalty! It was then befitting that Amy Jo Martin of Digital Royalty graced us with her presence and encouraged us to find our WHY and reiterated that humans connect with humans NOT logos!  - AMEN to that!

The Stroller Goddess
Moms + Babies = Stroller. Makes perfect sense that the Stroller Goddess is in attendance, right? Well, Lisa Druxman of Stroller Strides made sure she gave us a great workout. She even made Amanda of @HighImpactMom plank in front of the stage and who was totally awesome doing it too!

@PeterShankman of HARO

The Marketing Dudes
HARO fan? Yes! Peter Shankman was a delight to listen to. He insisted that we focus on creating amazing stuff for the sake of creating amazing stuff and in turn people will tell us how amazing we are! And when do you know when you've changed your status quo? As soon as we have haters! What a radical idea but it sure have a hint of truth to it.

Chris Brogan came back for the 3rd year and I don't think I heard him say any swahili (or some african) words this year.

And last but not the least.....

@Ramon_DeLeon of Domino's Pizza

The Pizza Guy
Who doesn't love pizza? Everyone I know loves it! And Ramon De Leon? He's as loved as the pizza he sells. He totally rocked the house and he was an oasis of great ideas that was totally inspiring! He was also the most-kissed man in this conference!

Ok, for the record, I didn't get to kiss him (Woe is me, right? Though that would have been a real challenge) but I did manage to get a picture with him and it looked cool nonetheless! He's a force to be reckoned with!

This year is quite special for me compared to last year, being that, this time, I was able to experience Wild Africa Trek! (you'll want to hear all about it!) And though this year is uniquely different than the last - it can never be the same - it's always full of fun, thrill and excitement. One that always makes you look forward to the next year. And with a stroke of luck, I may see Mickey again next year! Crossing fingers, toes, legs and eyes!

But for now, thank you Disney. Thank you Disney Social Media Moms Celebrations for making me a part of this wonderful conference three years in a row...always proud and enriched to be a part of it!

**Disney sponsored me and my family by providing a deeply reduced rate accommodation package**


  1. Great Coverage & Great Photos from #DisneySMMoms! We had such a ball & wish we were still there! : )
    Jessica & Becky (Disney Sisters)

    1. I wish I was still there too! You just can't get enough of the magic! Bummed that I didn't get to meet you IRL while there. Hoping for next time! :-)


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