December 17, 2012

Banner Elk Villa and Winery: A Home Away From Home!

First impression always plays a crucial role at any given time, setting or situation, though not in my case at this particular encounter. It was rather a case of  "first emotion" evoked by a certain place. This place is the Villa at Banner Elk Villa and Winery which sits atop a hill and overlooking the winery below. As soon as I walk through its huge, heavy wooden door and was met by the homey, welcoming atmosphere inside, my first words were "Wow, it feels like home".  And true enough, there is so much of Banner Elk Villa that makes one feel "at home!"

The home-cooked meals.
Waking up to a freshly-cooked breakfast prepared by their lovely in-house Chef Jackie was enough to get you getting up from your cozy bed even when you don't want to. The waft of yummy food seeping through your room and teasing your olfactory senses is enough to beckon you to follow the scent. My top pick on the menu was the sausage gravy! Yummy! She's also very accommodating that if you ever happened to be "late" and want more bacon? She'll cook some just for you! Well, that's what she did for my daughter and that was an awesome gesture! You don't leave "home" hungry, just like what my grandma would always say.

The Elegant room.
we stayed inside Alicante Barrel room. One of two premium suites in the 8-rooms Villa. Alicante is very spacious and boasts of a receiving room and a dedicated fireplace. The receiving room was big enough my daughter took a dibs on it and claimed it as her little private room. Worked perfectly for us!

Wine-Tasting Experience.
Nothing can be more enjoyable than having friendly Sommeliers giving your tastebuds a tour of their different wine creations. During this tasting, seven (7) wines, combination of white and red were on the menu with one secret wine (not listed) in the offering. After the tasting, you can opt to buy a glass of your favorite selection and bring it out to the vineyard property, right by the pond where you can enjoy the sunset or simply take in the view while you sip, enjoy and as I say it, chillax!

I highly recommend the wine-tasting to make the most out of your stay at the villa. You are a Winery. Best to take advantage of it. Note: Winery Tours are not available during Winter.

Unparalleled Service.
One thing I can say, the staffs were genuinely friendly and accommodating. Can I say it again? It felt like home and I feel pretty comfortable being there though we only stayed a very short time. Short and sweet. A surprise tour was also afforded us. Thanks to the super-awesome Cody, the Winery's new Manager who  became our personal tour guide and driver, who was gracious enough to show us Wiseman's View and brought us to Evergreen Ridge (choose and cut) Christmas Tree Farm, where we found our exceptional tree and enjoyed a Hay ride! This after surviving the curvy, twisted roads. Note to self: bring bonamine next time!

Banner Elk Villa and Winery is located in a quaint town just a hop away from Boone. Not to far, not too close, just right. There are several dining options close by, some we tried, are Sorrento's, an Italian restaurant and Puerto Nuevo for those craving some salsa and chips! For a wider option, you can always drive to Boone which is not that far.

Banner Elk Villa and Winery is definitely a "home away from home" up in the mountains. The comfort of Southern hospitality with a touch of a bed and breakfast accommodation made fun by the perfect pairing of a Winery nearby. A great getaway location for those just wanting to chill, celebrate a special occasion or just to get away from it all. Imagine this! A bonfire under a starry sky...nothing can be more romantic than that!

Special thanks to the lovely Michelle, co-owner of the Villa and Winery, for making our visit a superb experience and for giving us the best of what Banner Elk Villa and Winery have to offer! Its hospitality, warmth and friendship. Thank you!

With Michelle Crevier Gerukos inside the Winery

Check Banner Elk Villa and Winery website for the rest of the services they offer including wedding, yep, wedding. They're also on Facebook! Where you'll find their special deals and interesting stories happening in the High Country.

+ Banner Elk Villa and Winery covered our accommodations and other services as part of this review. No compensation involved. All opinions are ours and based solely on our personal experiences at the property.

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  1. I'm so delighted that you had a fabulous visit there!!! I knew you would! Gorgeous pictures! I can't wait to be there tomorrow. :)


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