December 8, 2012

How to Make Your Holiday Wish(list) Come True (Pronto!)

This post is more for the "slacker" who want a quick result. Quick result because yeah, they're slacking. So, if you are one and haven't yet (like me) completed and made your wish known to your "Santa", follow my lead and do this one pronto! Create a wishlist but not just any wishlist.

Create a wishlist that will incorporate all your "wishes" from different sites into one easily accessible site!

Is this possible? Yes. It is. So how do you do this? Well, let me tell you. This is afterall, the reason why I was writing this in the first place.

Now you know Amazon (who doesn't?)? Well, I love it (we're PRIME members) but my dilemma is, let's admit it, some sites offer better deals, or they have the size I needed and all sort of things in between. I didn't want to get stuck or get limited to just one shopping site but Amazon is where my "Santa" shop all the time! So, what better place to "park" my list but where he'll see it, right?

Here is where the magic wishlist comes in. Enough with the suspense already I know.

Well, Amazon, yes Amazon, was smart enough to offer a universal wishlist. Yes universal. Meaning, YOU CAN ADD anything from any website to your Amazon Wish List or Registry. Now THAT is GENIUS! 

To me, this is ah-mazing. Yes it is. It literally means my "Santa" will see my wishlist ALL the time. Like a persistent wart that won't go away. It's always in his face when he's surfing Amazon. Higher possibility of actually getting my wish fulfilled (get it? fulfilled) and possibly quicker too! 

Now I can't guarantee that your Santa will buy all that is in your wishlist but hey, it's getting plenty of eyeballz and if he decides to buy you a gift, I bet it will be from your wishlist. Now that's a great reward!

Like I said, if you haven't yet. Set one up now. Setting up is easy.

Once you're done. Cross your fingers, legs, toes and eyes! That's pretty much what you can do from that point anyway.

And keep this in mind, FREE SHIPPING is a great incentive anytime of the day but making it easy for your Santa where to buy your gift is divine! Not to say, easy access to price comparison for the frugal shopper is...priceless. 

I know I'm awesome. Thank me later.

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