February 14, 2013

Paperman with Love

If you've watched Wreck-it-Ralph in the theater, then you've seen Disney's pre-movie intro short, Paperman. A very heart-warming and romantically superb rendition of love at first sight by way of paper planes!

Watching it is enough to make you swoon and fall in love all over again! Totally endearing!

This Valentine's day, let this oscar-nominated animated short once again prove, that LOVE is the greatest of all - especially today. Love day! Watch the full-animated short  and be mesmerized with love. Happy Valentine's day to all!

And if you're looking for last-minute date ideas {because you're favorite restaurant is booked and you forgot to reserve in advance}, check our 50 Unique Valentine's Day Date Ideas. What's great about it is that, if you can't do them today, you can always do them post-Valentine's! Cheer up!

+ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures provided informations and press materials in this post unless otherwise stated.


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