October 29, 2012

Glamped Like Victoria Beckham at El Capitan Canyon

My GLAMpy cabin perched up on a hill.

If you're an outdoorsy person who loves the fun and adventure of camping but hates setting up tents and the unglamorous side of it, or let's just say, you're simply not the camper-type and would rather stay indoors in a cozy cottage, then say no more, because I'm soooo right there with ya! But then there's GLAMPING.

I've heard so many cool stories about glamping before that I was beyond intrigued to want to experience it when I was given the chance to go Glamping at El Capitan Canyon in Sta. Barbara, CA! They say, it's quite a unique experience but I had yet to find that out for myself which I did! Did I love it?

I'll let you guess.

Interior of my posh cabin. You like?

The garden tub was awesome which if you haven't guessed by now, I made sure to put  in good use. And if you should know, if there was anything unique with my cabin, it's the woodpecker pecking on my roof and walls early in the morning and in the afternoon! Talk about getting in touch with nature. This is sooo right on! Now, the only thing missing in the cabin is an air conditioner but it all evens out at night where the chill of the night cools everything down. There's also the small fan and fridge to cool you off during the daytime.

My favorite part? Seeing all the wild deers parading back and forth all over the property and frequently visiting the side of my cabin to munch on a plant nearby. One of them even played peek-a-boo with me! Sweeettt!!! 

Oh, best of all? I had a wonderful massage session at the spa and enjoyed it tremendously! This mama needed some TLC and she got it! Luuuuvvvv!!!

The only downside was that the mosquitoes and bugs LUV me! And oh, there's NO TV here by the way. Don't even think about it. But you do have access to wifi which was a little glitchy but it's still a win! Glamping is definitely a step above your traditional camping and if I'm asked to do it again. I might just will! Thanks to Toyota through TWIN for opening a whole new world for me to discover and experience!

Clockwise from top right: @dontspeakwhinese @dumparent @FlorenceDrakton @thepapermama

Me? OK Glamp but not so totally posh like Victoria Beckham BUT I'm totally grateful and totally bond with my TWIN-istahs! Did I love the entire experience? You betcha!

Soooo, will you dare try glamping if you haven't yet?

*Toyota covered my travel and accommodations to attend this event as part of being a TWIN member.

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  1. Wish I could have joined you as this looks like an absolutely beautiful place. Amazing that the deer were so tame. Thanks so much for sharing all your first class images, glad to see you had a wonderful time too!


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