February 13, 2012

Easy Last Minute Valentine's Day Decorating Ideas

Zen meets Simplicity 
Decorating your home at every change of season or special events and occasions doesn't need to be complicated and shouldn't cost you a leg and an arm either. Simple is always beautiful. And easy, affordable decors are the best way to go especially if you're doing last minute decorating projects that don't need lots of flair just like the simple decor above that cost less than $10!

Yes less than $10. Let's start with the hearts on the mirror. These are a combination of a colored cardboard sheet, colored foam sheets and creativity.

Other materials needed:
Fiskars Paper Edger scissors (optional)
Elmer's Glitter Glues
Pre-cut foam heart stickers
Glue Sticks
Transparent tape
Decorative punch hole
Martha Stewart's decorative paper edger (optional)

Cut several hearts in varying sizes. Trim edges according to desired designs. Decorate with layers of smaller heart cut outs, stick them on top of each other with a thick layer of glue stick. Finish it off with pre-cut foam sticker cut outs and glitterize it with glitter glues. Arrange hearts in different sizes. Cut strips of ribbons and tape them on the back of the hearts. Voila! You're done. Hang them as shown above or as preferred.

The heart garland hanging on the mantel is also made of the same materials in the exception of the pre-cut letters placed on the middle of each designated hearts. Punched a hole on each hearts where a ribbon is tied to string them together and I just taped them to the mantel! No mess and easy to remove!

Note: To get the most out of my bucks, I went to the dollar store to get most of my materials and accessories like the decorative glass candle holder with red hearts. You can also go to Target's dollar section for some additional accessories. This is an easy and fun project that you can create with young kids.

Happy decorating!

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