February 14, 2012

Tai Chi Two-gether on Valentine's Day and Beyond

When we think of Valentine's day, the first thing that immediately pops up into our minds are roses and chocolates, a dinner date and love itself of course! Agree or not? Well, I wholeheartedly agree with love, dinner date and roses and that they will always be a very romantic part of the occasion but chocolates? Not so much. For those watching their weight and hoping to take the healthier path, chocolates may not fit the bill at all. But, there is a sweet gift which you can give not just your loved one but for yourself as well. The sweetest, truest form of love - the gift of health! Now that is a winner!

With the rising rate of obesity in the US, more and more people are taking the road to a healthier route. I should know this being the co-founding partner of Lake Norman Tai Chi Center where we encounter a majority of individuals whose main reason for wanting to learn the art of Tai Chi is to reap the health benefits it offers as part of their alternative regimen for a healthier self. We also observed that our students who are couples that train together has a higher success in achieving their goals!
"...I always feel better about myself after doing Tai Chi which definitely enhances my relationship with L.A." - Ron Reding, training with wife L.A. at Lake Norman Tai Chi Center

Sifu Dale in a Tai Chi stance

With this knowledge in mind, Lake Norman Tai Chi saw it fit to offer a special that will benefit both couples and timely too for the Day of Hearts! Appropriately titled Tai Chi Two-gether, it's an offer that health buff couples or those thinking of joining the healthy bandwagon, can't resist! For every couple that signs up together, one joins free! It's a sweet deal and a perfect Valentine's day gift if you ask me!

Here are some benefit of training together:
  • The joy of learning something new with your partner to bring the two of you closer.
  • Reduced effects of everyday stress so you can have more quality time together.
And more where those came from! This sweet deal is good until the end of February. So, if you're from the Lake Norman area in North Carolina, I dare say, check this sweet deal out! To take advantage of this awesome deal, check Lake Norman Tai Chi Center's Tai Chi Two-gether Valentine's Day Special and snag this sweet deal for you today or better yet, share it with a friend and give the gift of health!

To learn more about the benefit of Tai Chi and available service and programs spearheaded by Sifu Dale, check the school's website at http://LakeNormanTaiChi.com. Free Introductory classes are currently offered and you can avail of this privilege to try a  FREE INTRO CLASS by submitting your application through the website as well.

Have a Zensible Valentine's Day!


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