October 2, 2012

Best Times to Hit the Beach in Summer {Next Year!}

At the beach at the FIRST DAY OF FALL. Hot and Sunny! Perfect day at the beach.

My family and I avoid the beach like a plague during Summer for years. This is due to friends who swore that the beaches are beyond crowded and chaotic. One of these friends own a beach house at Myrtle Beach, SC inside Ocean Lakes which makes her opinion pretty reliable. We, of course, hear the same statement from other friends who've been there and done it. So, we heeded the advice for years but it didn't stop us from finding a loop hole to this golden rule. We wanted to experience the beach during Summer ourselves too! And we did find a way around it and still enjoy the benefits of being at the beach at Summer time!

Best times to go:

1- Week after school ends in June - It's usually the 2nd week (here in Mecklenburg County). That week is what I call,  the "transition week". Most families are just getting their gear on for Summer vacation and usually don't hit the beaches until way into Summer season. We went to Ocean Isle Inn during this transition week and the beach was still quiet and yes, peaceful. Best of all, room rates are not on its prime yet! So, plan your vacation right and early around this week!

2- Week After Summer officially ends - Rates go down and re-adjusted for Fall, which is off-peak season. What's great about it? Besides off-peak season rates, Summer heat still lingers and still feels hot and warm enough to be at the beach and enjoy the water - without the headache of dealing with crowd and chaos!

We were just at Ocean Lakes during this week and totally enjoyed it. It was still hot enough that we actually enjoyed playing and swimming in the ocean water! It got a little chilly at night but it was perfect for crab-hunting! Armed with flashlight, a sand bucket and shovel, we were like Sherlock Holmes with a great mission: Find a crab! And crabs we found.

Our bounty on Night 1. Two different specie of crabs: A Ghost crab and a Blue crab.

Our catch on Day 2. Our little Ghost Crab friend got itself some clingy Coquina clams!

We can't wait to go back Summer next year. Bet on it. We've already reserved for "Transition week". So, mark your calendars next Summer and try this out. Saves you money and best of all, you still get the most out of the Summer, where else? At the beach!


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