October 4, 2012

Soft Cup Protection - A whole new way of dealing with your period! - Review

Warning: This post is intended for the LADIES ONLY. But men are welcome to read it if they want to.

I was given the privilege to discover and be introduced to the world of Soft Cup. An alternative menstrual protection that seems to be an out-of-this-world concept but engineered to do the work, possibly more effective than your regular sanitary napkin. I confess, I'm a devoted sanitary pad user but I'm also not one to turn down a "challenge" or try new things.

I tried the Soft Cup and though it felt awkward at first, once it's IN there (correctly), you won't feel it at all. Its got potential that much I can say but it will take a lot of getting used to especially for me. You also need to learn how to do the insertion perfectly to avoid unnecessary leakage.

Here is a unique story as experienced by Zandi, mom of two beautiful boys, Charlotte NC: 

I first discovered the world of “menstrual cups “ when I was trying to conceive my first child , but the reason for me trying it at that point was in fact not for the intended purpose of the cups at all! After 4 months of trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant (a completely normal amount of time but I was stressing out) I purchased a box of SoftCups and used them to *ahem* keep the sperm in the intended region for as long as I could. I have no scientific proof of this method other than internet chit chat between other hopeful moms-to-be. But I do now have a 4 year old to prove that it certainly didn’t affect the outcome negatively! So, therefore I had no use for the remainder of that box of SoftCups for quite a while. I even gave some to friends to try during that time.

When the dreaded time came for my cycle to return I was eager to try the cups finally for their intended purpose! After some minor trial and error I adapted to the menstrual cup lifestyle easily and once my initial box of Soft Cups was finished I decided that I wanted to try the Diva Cup. The main reason I switched was the reduction of waste aspect of a reusable cup.

The Diva Cup was a little more challenging to get the hang of, I still occasionally think I have inserted it correctly, only to be sadly proven wrong a little later. Its not as soft or as wide as the SoftCup, so for ease of use I would say the SoftCup is better.

All in all I am so glad I discovered this alternate way to deal with my cycle and am always telling my friends to try it. Once a person gets over the initial idea of it and gives it a try, I can’t see why they wouldn't be hooked like I am! And not to mention the bonus of not having to spend a fortune on disposable products every single month. I can not see myself ever returning to tampons unless I really get caught off guard!

**Soft Cup provided a sample product as part of this review through Kiwi Mom's Meet, where Zensible Mama is a Blogger Ambassador. All opinions are ours. No one twisted our arms or paid us to say what we said.**


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