June 25, 2012

Great Summer Destination: Ocean Isle Inn

View from my patio at Ocean Isle Inn

Summer at the Beach is always one of the most preferred destination by most families I know but NOT mine until recently. Beaches gets awfully crowded during this time of the year that we instinctively made it a point not to go anywhere the beach every Summer. But rules are sometimes made to be broken. In our case, we bent it a little. Right at the end of school year, we headed out...to the beach!

It was the perfect timing. While most families are gearing up for Summer fun, we were already sprinting our way to the beach before anyone else does! And Ocean Isle Inn at Ocean Isle Beach was the perfect choice. It's laid back. Uncrowded. Unhurried. Yet perfectly close to Myrtle beach where one can escape to when you're feeling a little adventurous or to Wilmington where the famous USS Battleship North Carolina Memorial can be explored.

It is simply great to be on beach time...

And though this is my third visit at Ocean Isle Inn, it is the first time we've stayed at the precursor of Summer. And during my family's 5 day stay, we witnessed (2) two Elopement weddings and saw the small island come to life! It was marvelous!

Things you need to know about Ocean Isle Inn

The inn is a family-friendly establishment. It offers free continental breakfast (I miss the waffles!), coffee and drinks each morning from 7am - 10am. Free in-room Wi-fi internet which is considerably strong. A heated indoor pool with jacuzzi and outdoor pool. Great staff and great service! Best of all, all rooms are non-smoking.

If you're planning to wed and don't want the hassle, you may want to check their Elopement wedding specials. It is such a big hit!

They also offer create your rate deals where you can bid on the rate you are willing to pay to stay at the Inn during off peak season, which starts in September through April.

Also, make sure to check their LIVE Webcam to get a glimpse of what it's like out there... You might just catch an Elopement wedding in progress.

Two Weddings in a row!

The Isles Restaurant and Tiki bar is a great find for us. We discovered it hidden away from the center of  hustle and bustle as we were exploring the rest of the island. The food is relatively good. It's right next to the beach and if you're lucky you might just see some dolphins swimming by while dining.

Sharky's Waterfront Restaurant, located next to the causeway bridge offers contemporary menu choices and seafood delights. If you've got children with you, make sure to ask for crayons so they can doodle their time away while waiting on their food.

Ocean Isle Creamery, located close to the roundabout is a great place to cool down. Ice cream flavors are limited but what I like about it is that I can get ice cream even at 10PM at night!

We truly enjoyed our mini-vacation and quoting my own daughter's words "we will come back!"

Where is your favorite family Summer destination?

Personal note: Special thanks to Lee Shapiro and Tracy Spencer and their wonderful staff for making our family getaway a thing to cherish forever!

**Ocean Isle Inn covered part of this vacation and offered a discounted rate on the rest of the stay. All opinions are ours.**


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