August 1, 2012

Off The Highway-cation

With the rising gas prices, Summer vacations, out of town, can sound rather unappealing. Just by the mere thought of a vacation, your brain immediately starts doing the math in your head and you are thrown into a $$$ nightmarish shock! Staycation sounds more like a very pleasant option when you consider the $$$ factor in the equation. But you don't need to get stuck inside the house all Summer. Just go local while you steer clear off the highway to big spending. You might find surprising attractions you never thought possible.

That's what we did.

Now if we have a fuel efficient car like Prius V or the cute Prius C, where I both have a crush on, then it probably will be a different story. But since I don't have any of them (not yet anyway), after our Summercation at the Beach, thanks to Ocean Isle Inn in part, we decided that our Summercation budget was exhausted and we have to stay put. But with the hope of not getting cabin-fever crazy, we explored attractions in our own backyard and found one that I was really ecstatic with.

One of my favorite pictures - Up close to a landing plane. 
Charlotte's City Skyline in the backdrop.

I have an uncanny love for watching planes land and taking off. There is something about it that mesmerizes me. I get all excited and star-struck whenever I see planes flying relatively close to my car right on the highway whenever we pass through where Charlotte International Airport's landing strip is. It's always a fun experience when that happens!

So we explored and discovered that there was an Airport Lookout by the airport! "Man! Where was I all these years?" As you can tell, I was beyond overjoyed finding this lookout.

Sometimes, you really don't need to go far to have fun. Just look around you and you might just discover a hidden treasure! Not to say, it saves you gas money and hopefully stress :-) Unless of course, you decide to invest in a good fuel-efficient car!

Some Local-cation places to go to in and around Charlotte:
Discovery Place
US National Whitewater Center 
Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden
Carowinds Park
Latta Plantation

Where's your go-to-for-fun places in your area?

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