August 7, 2012

Tech Talk: Livrada A New Way of Gifting A Book

Bookworms these days sure have a lot to be happy about, thanks to technology! With e-readers like my Kindle Fire, it is now quite easy to store tons of books and carry them around effortlessly, all in one nifty gadget. Not to say, access them anytime, anywhere. And with books being downloadable, any bookworm would agree, that books are within reach 24/7. We are simply spoiled! But here's a caveat. How do you gift a book to an e-reader-convert bookworm?

Livrada e-book gift cards may just be the perfect answer.

What is a Livrada e-book card?

"It is a (physical) gift card that represents a specific e-book title (e.g., Fifty Shades of Grey). Each card is beautifully designed with the book cover art and also includes a description, much like a traditional book jacket. The card allows the holder to redeem and download the specific e-book onto their e-reader device."

I'd say, a great gift option that comes with a personal touch!

Redeeming the book is simple and easy:
1- Go to and enter pin (from gift card) and submit.
2- It will ask for which device e-book will be downloaded to.
In my case, I have the kindle fire, so it asked me to sign in to my amazon account where I redeemed the book.
3- Accept the book and download will immediately start.
4- Book will appear on your e-reader automatically. Done!

What do you think of this concept?
I think it has potential by way of being a great gift option with a more personal touch to it than a rather informal way of just giving one a code for downloading. I personally still prefer the element of surprise of opening a physical gift. And in Livrada's concept, I think it somehow fills that requirement.

Livrada e-book gift card exclusively partnered with Target and they can be found in the electronics department with the e-readers and is available in all devices and versions of Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook, including all kindle and nook apps in all available platforms.

Thanks to Livrada for offering me the privilege to try my hands on this new-age way of book gifting and in the process, I'll finally find out what the hype is all about with Fifty Shades of Grey. Win? We'll see.

**Livrada provided the e-book gift card to facilitate this review. All opinion is ours.**


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