July 31, 2012

The Power of Women As Consumers

Danica Patrick - courtesy of USA Today
Looking at who looked at my site - yes I'm very nosy when it comes to my own website - the other day, I saw that one of my TWIN post was linked from another site. That, of course, is flattering (SEO-wise) to me. But that's beside the point. What was intriguing was that this particular article was by a marketing guru who was talking about effective ways to market to women and how to tap into this rich resource! 

Yes, we, women. The shopaholics. The great product evangelists. We who have the power to command sales on any product we love just by mere word of mouth. 

Yes, the word of mouth marketing that Toyota recognized as one of our great assets, I call it skill, which made them invest in us as members of the TWIN community. One that I would say again, proud to have been a part of. That marketing article certainly validated this fact and commended Toyota for doing so.

I can't blame them, women are the most marketed to, profited from and a great basis for creation of so many a products that targets us, women. This alone certainly evokes our power in the consumers world and marketing realm combine.  No wonder a lot of car companies have started "courting" women consumers just to up their sale! There were cars even manufactured to target women like the modernized Volkswagon Beetle which was feminized with the addition of a flower holder next to the wheel. And of course, there's the MOM van! Need I go on?

Although unfortunately, women are still treated with disdain when we go to a dealership to buy our own cars, like we know nothing about cars. That, I really don't get. Ah hello? Any of these men heard of Danica Patrick?

Nonetheless, this surmised that we, women do have the upper hand in the consumers world and we really need more respect from these men in companies that don't treat us fair and square who may yet need to discover that we may just be their number one source of profit. Remember, our influence is far-reaching. If we tell our husbands not to buy it, they most certainly won't! 

Just a food for thought.

As for me, I'm still tickled to have been a great resource for that marketing article. It validates my proficiency as a writer and that definitely felt good inside.

**Zensible Mama is a member of Toyota Women Influencer Network (TWIN). All opinions are ours.**  


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