January 10, 2011

Above All Else is Charity

We're starting 2011 right! Remember I told you late last year that part of Zensible Mama Gives 2010 was also to teach my six year old daughter the gift of giving? I admit at her age, the tendency to be selfish and naturally possessing the "me, me" syndrome is a very prominent trait and if not curbed early on, I'll be dealing with a selfish and spoiled brat! Totally not cool, right?
Three Bears and Us at Build-A-Bear Workshop
To continue the lesson, the first thing we did as a family after coming back from a week and a half vacation in California was to go to Build-A-Bear Workshop today {Thanks to Maxine Clark for her donation} and finally get the three bears we never got the chance to purchase before leaving for our trip and the holidays. I can't wait to go back to Birthday Blessings and hand them the bears. I can just imagine the smiles it will bring the lucky children getting them this year.

And my daughter? She's six, inside a store she utterly love...Did you expect anything less of her? Of course not! As expected, she pulled the "me, me" ammo on me when she got the chance but counteracting her childish wiles and insinuations with a firm explanation and reiterating the reason why we were there easily nipped further attempts. She's getting it. I have planted the seeds of philanthropy in her mind and core values. I hope it stays with her until she's older.

I'm starting her early.

I myself, had been a recipient of charity not just once but countless times. It's good to be able to pay it forward and teach it to my own child. Have you paid it forward lately?

...Faith, hope and Charity; but the greatest of these is Charity.

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  1. I love that you did this. I took my 4YO shopping to help pick out some toys to donate for the holidays, and while he did ask "can I buy this?" several times, he also enjoyed giving his opinion on what other little kids would like.

    Good for you for getting your daughter involved!


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