May 2, 2010

Do Wishes Really Come True?

I'm no Cinderella. But in some way, I'm like Cinderella. Born poor and worked my butt off more than anyone I knew in my life. I also have step-sisters but I don't know if they're evil since I never really lived with them - don't want to find out! I also have a God Mother but she's certainly NOT a fairy - though it would have been nice if she was - then maybe I would be living like a princess now, in a castle and having a grand life! But nah, I'm NOT THAT Cinderella. And fairy tales only come true in fairy tale land.

Or do they really?
Lately, my life seem to be a fairy tale! What with my wishes coming true! For instance, I've been for some time wishing for a new laptop since mine is old and slowly dying. WISHING - only thing I can do right now since there's no way I can afford to buy one anytime soon. So wish I was. Then the hype about iPad hit the web. I kinda wish for it. But I might have wished really hard. For what do you know, I ended up winning one! And it was totally unexpected... Kinda funny how I found out too.

  • I saw a tweet about the giveaway in passing. I told myself, heck why not? I retweeted it and went on with my day.
  • Then my internet went dead. Daughter and I were streaming movies from Netflix via Roku. No internet, nothing. I rebooted.
  • Internet was reconnected after 15 minutes. I went on and refreshed all opened applications on my laptop including Tweetdeck. As soon as I did that, tweet streams of new mentions of me appeared. I was stunned, no confused, why everyone was congratulating me! I read through and that's when I went on to jump for joy and scaring the bejeebees out of my daughter!
That tweet was my first and only tweet for that giveaway. Some of the entrants have been tweeting about if for weeks! Sheer luck holmes? (Sorry, can't help it ) or just my wish coming true?
  • Before this I wished I can go to Blogher this year. My wish came true. I won a 2-full day ticket via Blogher's Contest. Now going to Blogher, sans sponsor, means I've to come up with money to cover my hotel and travel expenses. I really want to make it happen but I'm too broke to have any to spare.
  • I wished for a sponsor. That's when Little Remedies had just followed me on Twitter. I checked them out and their website. I saw their $1000 giveaway. Divine intervention? I immediately entered. My wish came true. I won the Grand Prize! (HUGE THANKS goes to those who loyally voted for me) This win will help a lot but I'm still wishing for a sponsor.
I have made gazillion wishes in the past years. Most of them did not come true. But why are they coming true now? Is it because they were meant for me? Or because I really, really need them - not want - that's just being selfish - or I've mastered the art of wishing? Who knows.

I guess it doesn't matter. What I know is, (some of ) my wishes have come true... Cinderella or not, I'm happy...I'm blessed. And yes, I'm still wishing for a laptop and ahem, the lottery too. Why not? Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo!


  1. Well, I totally missed that iPad win. Congratulations! You're so blessed!

    I'm really glad you're going to get to go to BlogHer! So jealous! Tell all the real bloggers (or at least a couple of them) howdy for me!

  2. Wow! That is amazing! Congratulations on your dreams coming true!

  3. wow, that one one great streak of luck you have had there. I am wishing for the money to drop into our laps for paying for a new contract with the adoption agency so we can adopt another one. Hummmm, know of any contests I can enter for that? hehe. congrats!

  4. Wow - you've had a great lucky streak lately. Congratulations!!!


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