January 12, 2011

7 Reasons Why You { I } Should Write a Blog Post... or Bust!

I was on Twitter today and saw a few tweeple friends tweeting about not being able to blog or write a post for their blogs for several days now. O.M.G. A dilemma I can totally relate to! Since I got back from California, the motivation to write has escaped me yet at the same time have this nagging urgency from within to write! An oxymoron to blogging to say the least. So why the NEED {My need} to write a blog post in spite of the lack of inspiration?
  1. Google love - Blogs regularly updated gets more attention by Google and their bots. Good for retaining your page ranking or blog SEO integrity in the www. Do a sample test: Check your stats after not updating your blog for a week and you'll see your feeds are not pulled or crawled and your "subscriptions" dramatically goes down. {Feedburner flaking out not qualified}
  2.  Reader Retention - No one wants a broken record, do you? If your reader keeps seeing the same blog post days on end every time they visit your blog or check your feed, if you were in their shoes, how would you feel? Remember competition is fierce.
  3. Reader Acquisition - An active blog is an attractive blog. Keeping your blog fresh with new stories is one key of attracting new readers to your blog. A dead blog is just that, dead and will not get you new readers. Capiche?
  4. Level of Influence - Blogs that are active also acquires a magnitude of influence which becomes evident on their SEO authority and on their authority as a blogger in the blogosphere. One who has a lot to say, get more pull in the rankings!
  5. Brand Building - Your blog is you. What you do and not do with your blog totally reflects on you. If your intention is to turn your blog into a business, then keeping it active is a key.
  6. Virtual Bait for Business - For most of us, our hope is to turn our blogs into successful businesses. To make this happen we need clients. This is where our blogs turn into virtual baits to hook clients in. And we do this by keeping our blog active and with regularly updated fresh contents relevant to our target clients.   
  7. Competency - Like work ethics, those who blog on regular basis or have a set of pattern to keep their blogs actively updated far exceeds the achievements of those who don't. It's also an asset that Product brands seem to find appealing when they select which bloggers to work with for product reviews. 
So I {must} blog...don't want to bust! You?


  1. Great post Maricris. I have been having the same problem but trying to at least get one thing a day on it, even if it's two paragraphs, at least it's something.

  2. Great list and some of those things I tend to forget in the crazy chaos of life. It's nice to have a reminder of why it's important to keep a steady schedule of blog posts to make your brand shine. Thanks! Also I LOVE the photo.

  3. What a great post. I think we all struggle to post every day. I know I do.
    I enjoyed reading this!

  4. You can do it!! If you are having a hard time with a blog, create a video to post! Anything! :)

  5. Great post, thanks for sharing these tips!

  6. This is so true, Maricris! I went through a sporadic period before and during the holidays, and my traffic showed it. I'm back consistent now, and it's going right back up.

    One idea is to post some photos with a little commentary. People love photos, and you don't have to write too much!

  7. Great post! I learned a lot and have noticed my traffic improving dramatically since I've been blogging almost daily for about a month now.

  8. This is a great post! And it's so true! I have thought the same thing, and it is hard to explain to my local friends who don't get social media and blogging!

  9. thanks for the post and the tips!


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