February 4, 2014

Take A Pause

I'm rather curious. As a blogger, when was the last time you walked away from your laptop for 2 to 3 weeks and felt 100% comfortable with it? This could be by choice or by circumstances.

Did you get the "shakes" when you did?

Kind of like when you stop drinking coffee and then you get plagued by "shakes" as an after-effect.

If you're NOT a blogger, stop reading here - or you'll think I'm a rambling fool.

If you'd rather continue and think I'm a rambling fool then please read on.

Because, I should tell you now that there's really no rhyme or reason as to why I asked. I don't even know why I'm asking in the first place since it's making me sound like, yes, a rambling fool. But I'm compelled to ask. I guess I'm just looking for an ally. A way to assure me that I'm not alone in feeling what I felt.

You see, I took an unplanned hiatus and... I loved it. Yes. I loved it enough that I almost did not want to go back to blogging. I almost did not care about going back. Can you believe that?!

This is serious, isn't it?

I think someone needs to call (blogger) 911 and get me confined for a month! I think I'm infected with a deadly blogger disease. The blogger Funk perhaps?

But kidding aside. Though this post sounds so mundane and I, a rambling fool, it sure was great to take a pause.

I was able to immerse myself doing other things I love. Best of all, I was able to spend time being a nurturing mother hen to my child who recently underwent a major dental surgery. On top of that, I was able to take the time to fill my creative shoes and created unique items sold at a festival.

Showing my creative #DisneySide
Mickey-inspired Chainmaille bracelet

As posted on Instagram. My brave Princess Anime after surgery.
Her face and upper lip is swollen but she's not complaining. 

I almost felt schizophrenic but I was lovin' all my different personalities melding into one and working in perfect harmony.

Indeed it was wonderful to visit my other "worlds" outside of blogging and liked it being there. I'm not saying I will stop blogging altogether but it's nice to take a pause once in a while and enjoying it while on the pause.

So, this is my pause.

What's your pause today? 


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