October 4, 2013

The Concept of ll

You're probably confused as to what those two vertical lines that seemingly look like either two lower-case "L's" or the Roman numeral version of 2 in the title truly represents. Have a guess? Your perception could be totally unrelated to the truth. Take a moment right now and think? What does your mind tells you?

I will give you the answer at the bottom of this post. I shall make this short and sweet. After all, this is all about perception. Nothing serious. Just a mind-boggling exercise at how we all perceive the things around us. One classic line that correspond well with perception is the infamous "the answer/or right person, is right in front of me but I'm too blind to see it!" Yep. Perception.

Most often than not, our perception is so distorted by the chaos of life, or our drive to achieve success, or the lack thereof, and we scurry through each day like the bunny racing the turtle. Yeah eat my dust!

We are constantly blindsided, we couldn't even stop long enough to appreciate ourselves, the people around us or even that Rose that is waiting for you forever to give it a quick sniff.  In return, we pay with our health, our relationships and our happiness.

Sure you might disagree. But then again, that is how you perceive it. But I say, look around you. Closely.

As I try to respond to emails, answer calls, make calls and do some crucial stuffs for my family's business, my blog and a whole other burgeoning task that I needed to do today, I caught a glimpse of my inbox's left side bar and this number kept flashing at me like a mad man, all naked in neon lights!


What common number do you see?

I bet you said 11. You're right! But are you sure?


I was being told to take a PAUSE.

Freaky crazy? I don't think so.

Me being freaky awesome? Absolutely!

Sometimes, we just need to see beyond the obvious and run with it.

I told you. Perception.


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