October 5, 2013

Tech Talk: How to Fix Sidebar Shifting to the Bottom of Page in Blogger

If there is one thing that can easily ruin your day as a blogger, it would be when your blog's layout is messed up and you have no clue how it happened! This happened to me today after trying to "clean" up posts and updating images on my sidebar.

I tried to retrace and undo the work I've done and the changes I did but none worked. Frustrated was an understatement but save yours if you're in the same abominable pit!

The solution was simpler than I thought and took but a few 5 minutes to resolve!

Here's the solution:
  1. Find the post with bad HTML. 
  2. Go to your post list.
  3. View each post. It should open in separate tabs. 
  4. The post with bad HTML will show the sidebar shifted towards the bottom. That's the culprit!
  5. Go to that post and edit the HTML. Usually a missing tag is the problem.
  6. On HTML mode, click on Update. It will give you a warning and won't save until error is corrected.
  7. Correct the missing tag and update. That should fix the problem!

Here is what my homepage looked like with the sidebar shifted at the bottom of my page just below the post.

Additional tip:
One other reason for this issue happening too is when your images are bigger than the actual size of the sidebar or post body. If you recently added an image and the problem occur, make sure to check the image size and resize accordingly. Otherwise, check the post first.

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