February 6, 2014

Making Pretty Things From Use-less Items

My creativity sees no end nor limit. Sometimes it's eerily uncanny how my brain works, but it's a gift I'm happy to embrace.

Whenever I see something, I just don't see it the way the naked eye sees it. I see creative possibility! The same possibility I saw when I saw the cap from the yogurt I recently reviewed. Yes. That puny, little cap that get tossed away if not recycled.

To a "normal" person, that cap is just merely a cap. But in my eyes, a pretty pattern is revealed and a creative idea is developed.

Then my hands makes them into pretty wearable, useful things no one thought possible!

And delight follows when I see these creations worn by those who saw the beauty in them too.

From these caps:

To these beauties:

And some more:

A Crafter's pride
It made my heart swell a thousand times when I saw this little girl wearing one of my hair clips showing it off so proudly at the festival I recently attended as a vendor. And to know that on this pretty hair clip was one use-less item I reinvented into a pretty little thing, was nothing but beyond delight!

To buy these items you can visit our marketplace where they will be soon added.


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