December 3, 2012

Gaston's Tavern: The Place to Drink and be Merry

According to Timothy StaggsChairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Worldwide, "Gaston has become a very popular character at the New Fantasyland. Everyone wanted to have their pictures taken next to its statue". A very unexpected reception from the norm where loyal fans of the iconic tale would usually favor the beloved pair; Belle and the Beast. Uncannily, this simply indicates that Gaston has made its mark, or most appropriately, found its way into the hearts of many! The Gaston Tavern is an unmistakable evidence of this observation.

Just like the rest of the Beauty and the Beast-inspired buildings at the Enchanted Forest, the Tavern's exterior and interior is modeled after the original film illustration, giving the place its overall unique Gaston flair!  

Le Fou's Brew: The restaurant's signature drink, made with apple juice and toasted marshmallows.

And don't leave the Tavern without trying Le Fou's Brew! It's worth the try. It's almost a cross between a frozen milkshake and and a frosty! A great thirst-quencher especially during the hot-Summer days of Florida!

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+ This experience is made possible by Disney! Disney covered my travel and accommodations to attend this by-invite-only media event.


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