December 2, 2012

The Day in Photos: Wacky Celebrity Outfits #FashionMisfits

Watching the Christmas tree lighting at Rockefeller Plaza was undoubtedly a treasure trove for interesting photo opportunities that was literally screaming "TAKE A PICTURE. TAKE A PICTURE!" Who was I to resist?

Short on fabric or the wrong size perhaps?
Mariah Carey singing at the Christmas tree lighting 
at Rockefeller Plaza

Pink Gloves with glittery warts?
Bette Midler's gloves at the Christmas tree lighting 
at Rockefeller Plaza

Then there's  Ceelo at The Voice...

Solar Panel Samurai?
Ceelo performing with the iconic Kermit the Frog
at The Voice.

These fun photos are also available on my Instagram page. Check my photo collections out: maricrismg.

WWCMS { What would Chris Mann Say }? "See What?! I was blinded at first look. I'll just keep singing..."


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